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Closing of Water Account and
Refund of Water Deposit

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The online application for closing of water account and refund of water deposit is only applicable to account of domestic or flushing supplies and registered in personal capacity.

Important Note

For consumer registered in the name of company, please complete the Form WWO243 or Form WWO1145 and return it to this office by post, by fax, by email or apply in person at our Customer Enquiry Centres. Please click here for the application details. If you have any enquires, please call our Customer Services Hotline at 2824 5000.

Guidance Notes

  1. When a registered consumer ceases to be the owner or occupier of the premises, he/she should inform this Office of his/her intention to close the water account and apply for refund of the deposit. Only the registered consumer can apply for closing of water account. He/she should inform the Water Authority within 30 days (but not less than 14 days) before the effective date of termination of his/her consumership.
  2. The online application is not applicable to the domestic rental flats in public rental housing estates owned by the Hong Kong Housing Authority and Hong Kong Housing Society. Tenant is requested to contact the Housing Manager of your estate for processing of your application.
  3. You are encouraged to provide the meter reading taken at the date of submitting this online application as far as possible. The Water Authority will make reference to the meter reading in issue of the final bill. You should only read the meter yourself if it is safe to do so. The Water Authority or the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall not be held responsibility for any loss, injury or damage whatsoever by reading of the meter by yourself or your agent. The Water Authority reserves the right to ignore the meter reading reported by the consumer and may take an actual final reading for the purpose of account closing. The Water Authority will normally take the final meter reading on the effective date of termination if 14 days’ advance notice of closure of water account is provided.
  4. If no actual final reading available on the effective date of termination, the final bill will be calculated based on an estimated consumption.
  5. The Water Authority will issue the final bill within 3 working days after the account closure date. Any outstanding charges will be deducted from the water deposit. The balance of deposit, if any, will be refunded to the registered consumer within 9 working days after the date of issue of final bill by means of a crossed cheque.
  6. After completion of the online application form, you will be given an application number. Please quote your application number in all your enquiries.