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Taking Up of Water Account

The online application for taking up of water account is only applied to domestic or flushing supplies in personal capacity. For other cases, applications may be made by post, by fax, by email or in person.

Important Note

Online application for taking up of water account will normally be processed within 7 working days. If it is necessary to process the application urgently, e.g. to take up the consumership to avoid the disconnection of water supply, please apply in person at any of our Customer Enquiry Centres 'CECs'. You may also apply by calling our hotline 2824 5000 (applicable to domestic or flushing supplies in personal capacity only).
Guidance Notes
  1. A customer may apply on-line for taking up a domestic account or flushing account in personal capacity. However, the Water Authority reserves the right to reject the application if insufficient or inaccurate information is provided.
  2. Please ensure that there is an existing water supply in the premises. If there is no water supply to the premises or the water supply has been disconnected (i.e. the meter has been removed), please either come to our CECs or download Form WWO 542 to apply for water supply. The completed form can be submitted by post or fax or email to WSD or in person at any one of WSD’s CECs.
  3. The online application is not applicable to the domestic rental flats in public rental housing estates owned by the Hong Kong Housing Authority and Hong Kong Housing Society. Tenant is requested to contact the Housing Manager of your estate for processing of your application.
  4. The liability of a registered consumer shall continue until another consumer is approved by this Office in his/her place or his/her undertaking is cancelled by this Office, notwithstanding that he/she ceases to be the owner or the occupier of the premises. As such, if there is any change in water account or ownership of the premises, the registered consumer should inform this Office at least 14 days in advance to discharge his/her liability.
  5. You may be requested to produce documentary evidence such as solicitor's letter, tenancy agreement, purchase agreement, etc. to support that you are not to be responsible for the outstanding water charges of the existing registered consumer. Your application will be rejected if you fail to produce the documentary evidence required by the Water Authority.
  6. After confirming the online application form, you will be given an application number. Please quote your application number in all your enquiries.
Should you have any enquiries, please contact our Customer Services Hotline at 2824 5000.