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Estimate for Water and Sewage Charges


    Billing of water accounts are usually made on a 4-monthly basis with the exception of some trade accounts which are billed monthly. Billing for a period shorter than the normal billing period will not be made unless there is a termination of consumership or bill adjustment.

    To estimate for water and sewage charges in the interim before the next billing date, you need to input the assumed billing period end date or the self-meter reading into our online program.

    The program will estimate your water and sewage charges incurred up to the assumed billing period end date on the basis of past consumption pattern in the last water billing period or your self meter reading.

    Please note that the estimate is for your reference only. A water bill will be issued to you according to the regular billing schedule and the bill amount will be different from the estimate worked out from this computer program as the billing period is different.

Notes For Input
  1. For this online application, please use Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.
  2. Account information can be obtained from your latest water bill (issued within 6 months).
  3. Please input the assumed billing period end date.
  4. The computer program will calculate the scenario of water and sewage charges from the present meter reading date in your latest bill up to the assumed billing period end date basing on straight line projection.
  5. Input of self-reading is optional.
Should you have any enquiries, please contact Customer Services Hotline at 2824 5000 or visit our Customer Enquiry Centres .